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Cooling System Services

The cooling system is in charge of keeping the motor running at the optimal temperature. When an engine is running there are not only small controlled explosions of gas and fire, but there is also a small degree of friction. The Bearings and oil reduce the friction, but when combined with the nature of combustion, heat is created. If left alone this heat would continue to build, and the engine parts would expand to a point of failure. Cooling the motor is vital make sure the metal used to construct the engine maintains its integrity.

The cooling system consists of a water pump, radiator and the necessary sensors and hoses to connect the system to the motor. The engine block itself also has cooling pathways that are put in during manufacturing for the cooling system to connect through.

The water pump will move coolant through the system.  The coolant moves through the radiator, where the liquid is cycled through small channels allowing a more rapid cooling. An electric fan combined with blow air across the thin channel to remove the heat and allow the coolant to return to a safe temperature. Once this occurs the coolant is moved back into the engine block to lower the temperature of the block, this cycle is constant as the vehicle is running. At lower speeds or idle, the cooling system must work harder because of the lack of air flow that is present at faster speeds.


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