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Why Drivers Delay Automotive Repairs

June 9, 2021, 12:00 am

Do you hold off on getting your car into the shop? Whether it’s a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment or waiting to have a mechanic look into a suspect sound or issue, most drivers wait, and that wait can add up on your wallet. 

One recent study asked drivers if they delayed necessary automotive repair and why. Surprisingly, the most common issue isn’t money, although price was second. The biggest hurdle to getting a vehicle serviced is time. Many drivers find that being without their vehicle for more than a day or two becomes too much of a hassle. 

It’s an issue that is shared by every driver; cars are great until they need to be fixed. While prices can’t change too much, the long wait times experienced by some motorists are inexcusable. Below, we’re sharing how we keep your repair time quick and painless, practices that are shared by reputable repair shops across the country. 

Regular Maintenance. Yep, this is at the top of the list. We encourage our customers to make regular maintenance appointments based on their oil changes. The best way to prevent an unscheduled emergency is to schedule a preventative diagnosis. This makes our turn-around time much faster and helps customers make other transportation arrangements for a day or two ahead of time. 

Timing. We work hard to schedule more time than we anticipate needed for each and every repair. This means we may sacrifice a few extra repairs a week, but puts us in a position to underpromise and overdeliver; you’re more likely to get a call to pick up your car early rather than have us hold onto it for an extra day. It also means that when we do run into unexpected issues, we’ve already given ourselves a buffer to take our time to make the repair the first time. 

Training and Experience. Our technicians are certified and experienced, which means that we can make informed decisions on repairs, parts, and other issues quickly and correctly as they come up. We continue to provide training opportunities for our team and strive to stay ahead of the learning curve as technology changes. 

Looking ahead, we’re always thinking about ways to better service our customers. Let us know what we can do to make your repair experience better; send us an email!

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