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Top Five Used Sedans For Under $10,000

July 15, 2019, 12:00 am

Kids heading back to school or off to college? Looking for a new ride that won’t cost you more per month? Buying a sound and reliable used car is a great way to reduce your personal overhead and still get around without losing sleep over what will break next. We take a look at our three favorite used sedans under $10,000 worth digging around for. 

2010 Toyota Avalon. Sedans don’t need to feel cramped. One of the best perks of this 2010 offering from Toyota is the roomy cabin that puts comfort first. The rear seats even recline, which is a feature you’d find on luxury Lexus models at two or three times the price. The Avalon gets a perfect reliability score and, while it won’t feel like a race car or look like one either, it’s a car that you can trust day in, day out, for another decade or more. 

2011 Toyota Prius. It’s the car that most people think of when they hear the word ‘hybrid’, and with good reason. In the mid ‘00s, the Prius set the standard for hybrid cars and put pressure on brands like Chevy, Ford, and others to offer something that rivaled the Prius in efficiency. To this day, it’s hard to find another car that can honestly say it’s the match for this car. It scored a perfect reliability rating, won awards as the Best Hybrid of 2011 and offers some of the best fuel performance out there. While you’re only getting about 98 horsepower, you’ll laugh at the speedsters once you hit the gas pump. At 51 mpg city and 48 highway, you won’t be fueling up very often! 

2012 Honda Civic. Like the Avalon, there’s nothing racy or overly exciting about the Civic, but there’s also nothing to worry about either. Like the first two cars on our list, it gets a perfect reliability rating and sees an average resale price near the top of our budget at $9,000. If you go for a Civic, pay close attention to the trim package. With a lot of models available in 2012, it’s worth double-checking with the owner to confirm that are advertising the right one. Aside from different body shapes, from coupe to hatchback, there are a number of feature difference that might be make or break for you. 

2008 Subaru Impreza. It wouldn’t be a Northern Michigan list without the all-wheel drive sedan that sets the bar. This one should really include all models from 2008 to 2011 due to the lack of updates; across those years, you’re getting one of the most reliable cars on the market. Especially for Traverse City’s long, cold winter, having the traction and safety of four-wheel drive on a sedan is a huge relief, and when you can find it for under $10K, it’s worth pulling the trigger. 

2012 Ford Fusion. Many people are surprised to see the reliable and stylish Ford Fusion popping up at this price point, but there are plenty on the market. The base trim usually goes for around $7,500, but look hard and you may even find a few higher packages or hybrids sitting just under $10,000. This year incorporated plenty of nice tech features that many cars of its era didn’t and, like the Civic, it’s worth paying close attention to the trim to get what you want. As the lone domestic on the list, Michigan-made is definitely worth looking at. Like Honda and Toyota, Ford is one of the most affordable brands to maintain over the long lifespan of a vehicle. 

New or used, you can trust your vehicle to the trusty, knowledgeable technicians at Garfield Auto Service Center. Stop by or call us today! 

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