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Tips For A Better Commute

March 10, 2020, 12:00 am

We don’t just have to go to work, we have to get there, too. Over the past few decades, Americans are going farther than ever to clock in, and that means many are spending more time in their cars than ever. Learn how to enjoy your drive more, stay safe, and keep your ride going smoothly, day after day. 

There are millions of Americans that spend a lot of their time behind the wheel. Since 1980, the average commute has gone up by 20%. In Grand Traverse County, we’re lucky to have an average drive time of 17 minutes, one-way. Still, that’s over 30 minutes a day on the road. Making the most of that time is important, and it’s a chance to do more than just zone out. We put together a list of ways to make the miles fly by. 

Get Your Groove On. There’s a really good reason many automotive manufacturers put quality speakers in your car. Whether it’s the radio or connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, mix things up day by day. Maybe you try out “Motown Monday” for a while, or pick a day of the week to focus on a new artist or dig up an old favorite! 

Get Informed. One habit we’ve heard of is dedicating one leg of your daily commute to learning something. There are thousands of podcasts out there on every single topic under the sun. Love sports? Want to learn more about handling your finances, work/life balance, or learn about interesting history topics? Find a podcast that you find interesting and give it a regular rotation to expand your mind. 

Get Some Shades. Sunglasses are certainly a fashion accessory, but they’re also an important safety tool, too. Find a pair of flattering shades that only stay in your car so you’re never stuck squinting into the sun. Especially in northern Michigan, you’ll be happy any time there’s a chance to use them! 

Get Clean. Show your car some love. The more time you spend driving, the more likely you are to accumulate trash, clothes, wrappers, and all sorts of odds and ends. Some of us have a rule that we always take out any trash every time we get home. You don’t have to be so strict, but consider making a point of cleaning up every few days. Less clutter will make you feel happier when you’re behind the wheel, and can keep you safe in case of things falling in near your gas or brake pedal. 

Get On A Schedule. As regularly as you drive, so should your car get its regular service. We can help you set up an appointment based on your vehicle make, model, mileage, and driving habits to keep you safe and your car running great for the long haul!

Posted by Garfield Auto at 12:00 am
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