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Three Most Common Winter Repairs

October 16, 2020, 12:00 am

We’ve already seen our first snow in northern Michigan, and ‘real’ winter is just around the corner! The change of seasons can often throw up some curveballs in your automotive service. Here are a few things we recommend watching for as the weather turns. 

Northern Michigan is beautiful, but for about seven months out of the year, it can be brutal, too. Winter weather presents a whole host of challenges. From drive safely to lowered fuel efficiency, and dramatic hazards driving, all drivers should really roll into winter prepared for anything. 

That’s why we’ve put together a short list of extremely common repairs we tend to see in the first months of cold weather, most often in November and December. Some of these are preventable with a few minutes at home, but others may require professional attention. 

Your Heating System. When’s the last time you had to turn up the heat on your vehicle? Because the heating system only gets used about half of the year, it’s a very common issue for drivers when the temperatures drop. Heating systems combine your engine’s coolant system and your car’s internal air circulation system. When two systems play together, more things can go wrong. We typically see issues with the heater core, which can become clogged or dirty due to dirt. This can cause engine overheating, so if you see your engine’s temperature rise quickly, this is often the first thing to check. 

Headlight Bulbs. While headlight bulbs can fail at any time, cold weather is much tougher on the bulbs themselves. Normally, bulbs wouldn’t have any issue if they are encased and properly protected by the headlights themselves. Cracks or missing seals can leave bulbs vulnerable, which is why we typically see more drivers with only one functioning headlight this time of year. Most car owners can replace their own bulbs, but we guarantee you we can do it more quickly while you’re here for an oil change or other service! 

Windshield Wiper Motors. Winter is when more windshield wiper motors fall. Of course, it’s almost when those windshield wipers are used the most, and when the consequences for failure are at their highest. Because of the mechanics involved, it’s always best to trust a certified technician with this repair.

The motors themselves are rather intricate machines, composed of several small parts. However, it isn’t always the motor that is faulty. There is also the chance that the problem is a blown fuse, which is a much less expensive fix. 

The key to avoiding these problems is to get your vehicle in for consistent maintenance. November is a great time to make an appointment for a tune-up and an expert advice on what needs to be addressed to keep your family mobile and safe once the snowflakes fly.


Posted by Garfield Auto at 12:00 am
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