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Three Most Common Breakdowns And How To Prevent Them

October 6, 2020, 12:00 am

Breakdowns don’t have to happen. You can do yourself and your family a big favor by focusing on the most-common breakdowns and spending just a little time preventing them. 

There’s nothing worse than car trouble, except for car trouble in the middle of winter. While the snow is still a few months off, being stranded in the cold and rain of fall or spring isn’t fun, and it it’s safe either. While it can be tough to prevent every type of car trouble, you can hedge your bets by taking care of the parts of your vehicle most likely to slow your roll. 

Dead Battery. Yep, you guessed it. Dead or faulty batteries are the most common reason for car trouble. The symptoms are all too familiar; won’t start, barely starts, dim lights, or a red warning light on your dash. There are a few things you can do without being a motorhead, too. 

- Watch for corrosion on the positive and negative posts. 

- Keep track of when you install your battery

- Keep a battery charger in your garage to check or recharge your battery every four to six months

- Start and drive your car regularly to keep the battery charged

Alternator. Your engine’s alternator is perhaps the unsung hero of a functioning vehicle. Especially in modern vehicles, all the electronics and tech would be useless without power, including many of the modern features that keep us safe and entertained. Without an alternator, your battery doesn’t charge. There isn’t a lot to do to maintain an alternator, but you can see prevent breakdowns. Watch for dim lights, trouble starting, dim headlights, and even issues with blown fuses. If you notice changes, take your vehicle in for service. 

Misfueling. Yep, this is a big one. Care to guess how many Americans put the wrong fuel in their car each year? It’s a lot. As many as 133,000 people put the wrong type of gas in their vehicle, and it’s a huge pain. If you happen to catch yourself before driving, you can have the gas tank pumped. However, if you’ve made it a few miles, things get tricky. 

The best way to prevent misfueling is to slow down at the gas station and really pay attention. Some parents instruct their young drivers to only refuel at the same gas station so they are aware of the look, numbers, and process of getting gas. 

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