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Three Great Gifts For The Drivers On Your List

December 8, 2020, 12:00 am

The holidays are here. December is flying by, and if you’re looking for a gift for the driver in your life, here’s a cheat sheet to make it easy! 

Even if we’re spending more time at home now, it won’t last forever. Big commutes and long drives will be back, and if you or someone you care about spends a lot of time behind the wheel, then here’s how to make their return to the road a bit brighter. 

Audible Subscription. Sometimes it’s just too early to listen to Slayer on the way to work. Audible.com offers a huge library of books ranging from the classics to the latest releases. Every book on the platform can be downloaded for a long drive so they won’t have to rely on a shotty network. The subscription is $14.99 a month, which is good for 1 new title and 2 originals, but if you don’t use all the credits, they roll over! 

VIZR Heads Up Display. This is sweet. Bring all the metrics and data from your dash to the windscreen with a see-through, opaque display that keeps your eyes on the road without missing anything. The app uses your cell phone’s data to provide all sorts of metrics, but most importantly, displays navigation info to make finding new destinations safer. 

Spotify Gift Card. Spotify offers a lot more than just music. A premium account gives users access to millions of songs on-the-go, the ability to download, songs, albums, and playlists, but now, it’s all about podcasts. Spotify has invested heavily to carry exclusive access to some of the most interesting and popular podcasts on the planet. A gift card lets your driver upgrade their account to premium to make sure they dig what they’re hearing. 

If you’re a driver, what’s on your list? If you’ve got a gift to share, let us know! 

No matter where or what you drive, we hope you drive safe and have a wonderful holiday season!

Posted by Garfield Auto at 12:00 am
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