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Three Best Car Chases Of All-Time

January 16, 2020, 12:00 am

It’s a cinematic fact that the best part of nearly any action movie is the car chase. Some movies only exist for their car chase scenes, and the storyline before and after is largely forgettable. But while the rubber is burning and the engine is screaming, it’s a masterpiece! 

There are thousands of great car chase scenes, but we picked out three favorites and slapped them together for you. Our criteria was simple; they had to be impressive, well-shot, and involve a unique car. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s the coolest car, because one of our picks involves a pretty lackluster set of wheels. For the scene, it actually adds a little something, though it’s certainly not adding horsepower. 

Bullit. 1968.

Big, heavy, powerful American cars. Steve McQueen. Flying hubcaps. This flick is probably the most famous car chases in movie history, and with good reason. In lieu of a loud soundtrack, part of what makes it so visceral is the throaty, guttural cacophony of engine, tire, and smashing metal.

Fun Note: Count how many times they go by the exact same Volkswagen Bug. Seriously. 

Watch it. 

The French Connection. 1971. 

Gene Hackman can drive. This isn’t a car chasing a car; this scene features a young Gene Hackman going after a train in New York City. It’s another big, American car muscling through the streets, crashing, and dramatically trailing the bad guys overhead. This is one of the rare movies with a car chase that has a lot of substance; it won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture, with Hackman also picking up an Oscar. 

Watch It.

 The Bourne Identity.  2002. 

No fancy car. No ridiculous catapulting. No barrel rolls. No flames shooting out of, well, anything. Just a dilapidated old Mini Cooper, an awesome Paul Oakenfold soundtrack, and some hapless French police drivers desperately trying to catch...whatever is his name was. 

This gets our top nod because something about the gritty, realistic way the scene is shot makes it so much more authentic, and exciting, than any other car chase you’ll find. 

Watch It.


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