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The Three Ugliest Cars In History

October 1, 2019, 12:00 am

There are few things that evoke such as emotional a reaction as a beautiful car. Ferrari, Lamborghini, even plenty of domestic offerings from GM and Ford have been eye-catchers and head-turners. It’s why we have posters of our favorite in our rooms growing up and in the garage as adults. But for every gorgeous car or truck, there are plenty of ugly ducklings that made less of a splash and more of a thud. We picked out three favorites or, more accurately, least favorites. 

1986 Ford Taurus. This spot goes to what we’d describe as an internal combustion dry-heave. Its closest competition came from its sister-sedan, the Mercury Sable that looked almost the exact same but in a slightly less nauseating colorway. The Taurus is one of Ford’s most successful models of all-time, but its key selling points were reliability and a great price, not snappy performance or, as is obvious, great looks. 

2016 Kia Soul. How do you make the Kia Soul not look like a square box with wheels? Kia’s answer was to throw a number of strange lines and moldings onto the body that make it look suspiciously like a Star Wars stormtrooper Transformer. Still, the Soul is a strong seller for budget brand Kia and a model that keeps carrying over year after year. It debuted in 2008 and become Kia’s top electric option in 2014. It’s the sort of car that your third-grader would love. 


2006 Suzuki X90. Have you ever wanted to drive a shoe? How about a show with a drastically underpowered 1.6L engine, the world’s most ridiculous rear-spoiler ever installed on a vehicle, plus a body that looks like a neutered version of the Pope Mobile. At the very least, this was a mistake that Suzuki didn’t continue to make. By 1999, no more X90s were exported and sales of the car were measured in the hundreds in most countries. 

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