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The Safest Sedan of 2020 is....

June 15, 2020, 12:00 am

Safety first, then horsepower. What’s the safest sedan on the market mid-way through 2020? We take a look. 

Safety matters to automobile owners. That’s why so many invest heavily not just in better design and stronger materials, but also technology to enhance driver safety. In fact, the bar is always being raised when it comes to auto safety, and this year, it’s not enough just to protect passengers in the car. The top vehicles also have pedestrian-detection technology to identify and avoid people, objects, and other cars, too! 

Some of the most important features in measuring or rating car safety focus on traction and braking control, structural integrity, and newer technical features like automatic braking and lane assist. Looking at some of the top-rated sedans, perhaps the biggest trend is the emergence of hybrids as a more prevalent option for those looking for safe cars. Honda and Toyota both get a hybrid model on the board, while Subaru’s lone hybrid legacy also makes an appearance. 

But which one is the best? As regular readers might know, we’re a little partial to Subaru, and the 2020 Forester has been the closest thing to a minivan we find acceptable. With plenty of creature comforts, a stylish look, and top safety ratings, it’s tough to get past it for northern Michigan drivers. That’s probably why you see so many Foresters from across the years on the roads of Traverse City!

And the top-rated car? The Camry. One of our two “most-boring” cars, alongside another safety winner, the Honda Accord, is back as the top pick in 2020. In fact, the Camry made the list for its hybrid model, too; how do you beat two winners in one competition?

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