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The Greatest Car Of All-Time....

June 9, 2020, 12:00 am

Mercedes-Benz? BMW? A Corvette? In the one-hundred-plus years of life behind the wheel, the world has seen some amazing cars hit the road. But which is the best ever?

Edmund’s, a car-review publication, put together a completely unscientific look at the greatest cars in history. They didn’t measure greatness based on total sales, speed, or innovation. Instead, they focused on what each model contributed to the American car culture. Did people love that car? Did they measure all other cars against it? Frankly, did posters of that car make it onto the walls of young motorheads for generations?

The full list includes some great vehicles, cars you’ll see at shows across the country. No doubt you’ll have wished to drive most of them, and nearly every famous car we could think of made the list. Some ranked much lower than we expected; the ‘62 Ferrari 250 GTO in 7th, behind a VW Bug? The ‘55 Corvette V8 all the way back in 72nd? Headscratchers. 

But after thinking about it, we can’t argue with the top car of all-time, at least according to this crew. The 1938 Ford V8, marketed in the US as the Model 18, changed everything. It was the first production V8 out of Detroit that the average working man could afford. The engine moved over from Lincoln models that year, with that brand moving to massive V12s.

The Ford V8 had a top speed of 65 miles per hour, but the industrious tinkerers of the day quickly juiced up the engine and often stripped parts from the body to lighten up the car even more. Across three trim packages, the V8 ranged in price from $495 to $650 for the convertible. 

So, what’s your favorite car of all-time? Let us know!


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