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The Best Auto Tech of 2019

October 7, 2019, 12:00 am

In a world with automation, connectivity, and artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen some incredible technology finds its way into our automobiles. As 2019 comes to a close and we see more and more 2020 models being unveiled, our cars are becoming the perfect platform to enhance the driver experience, help improve safety and connect us on the go. We picked the three coolest bits of tech you’ll find in select cars from some manufacturers.

Safety In A Split Second. Steering avoidance systems from Volvo and a few other manufacturers have taken automated braking a step further. There seems to be an inevitable march to complete automation, and this looks to be a big step. Steering avoidance can calculate if your vehicle is traveling at too high a rate to stop before a collision and can alter course before impact. It’s a nice perk that you won’t ever appreciate until you need it but that’s what counts. Watch for this to trickle into more models and manufacturers over the next couple of years and, eventually, become standard. 

Mobile Navigation Goes (Auto) Mobile. Android Auto and Apple CarPay are two options to connect your phone into your car’s information and entertainment system. This is a lot more than just playing music over the speakers. Both of these allow you to use your phone’s full features, from calls to search, navigation to virtual assistance, all on the go. It also means that as these platforms update, your car stays up to date, too. It’s a great safety feature, too; both allow you to send and receive text messages without looking at your phone, helping to keep drivers focus on the road ahead.

Electric Vehicles. EVs are coming; in fact, there are a number of hybrids or completely electric vehicles that are becoming top sellers in their own right. A lot of pieces are falling into place to make EVs competitive with their fossil fuel brethren. Batteries cost less, cities are offering more charging points, driving range has greatly improved, and hybrid options are becoming a vital part of many popular line-ups at Toyota, Chevy, Ford, and Honda. Manufacturers know that electric vehicles are the future, and many investors look at their EV options and investment when evaluated a brand’s worth. 

What cool tech do you like that’s currently available, and what do you want to see next?


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