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Summer Road Trip Checklists And Cheap Gas Options

May 25, 2021, 12:00 am

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of road trip season. As you load up to get away this summer, we’ve got a few things to check over on your vehicle before you leave home, plus a neat way to find the cheapest gas! 

Great weather, long weekends, and some incredible destinations make Michigan a perfect place for road trips. We’re lucky to be able to have so many diverse experiences and communities just a few hours’ drive from home! From crossing the Mackinaw Bridge to explore the Upper Peninsula to enjoying Grand Haven, there is certainly plenty to see! 

Before you head out, though, make sure you give your vehicle a quick inspection. If it’s been a long while, it may be worth scheduling a more in-depth service appointment before you leave to avoid any issues that may spoil your summer adventure! 

Check Your Oil. Even if you haven’t hit the mileage on the sticker yet, checking your oil level, as well as your other fluids, is one of the easiest ways to avoid engine trouble and contributing to unnecessary wear and tear. 

Check Your Tire Pressure. We’ve all seen blown out tires on the freeway, or cars pulled over making rather startling tire fixes with speeding traffic dangerously close. Avoid blowouts and flats by checking your tire pressure before you leave home. It’s also worth taking a close look to identify any bald spots. Make sure there’s plenty of tread, too. 

Check Your Battery. If the contacts are corroded or damaged, it may be best to simply replace the battery before you leave. Otherwise, make sure it’s holding 12V to avoid issues starting out on the road. It’s always a good idea to have jumper cables on board at all times, but it’s even more important on a road trip! 

Gas could hit over $4 a gallon by mid-summer, and prices are already creeping up across the country. Save money by ensuring your tires are properly inflated, and filling up at home. Once you’re on the way, we recommend using apps like Waze, AAA, or Gas Buddy to compare gas prices along your route. 

Are you heading out on a road trip this summer? Drive safe and make sure you tag @GarfieldAuto in your car photos!

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