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Summer Maintenance Checklist

May 17, 2021, 12:00 am

It’s time. After a long winter and an even more challenging year in lockdown, there’s hope at the other end of the open road. Here’s what you need to slake your thirst for travel! 

Who would ever think that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic would still be felt not just in summer 2020, but summer of 2021? First, it’s important to remember that things aren’t over yet. With over half of the US population now vaccinated, and with cases down in most parts of the country, there is a lot to be hopeful about. Still, an alarming number of COVID-19 variants around the world and vaccine reluctancy making herd immunity unlikely until late summer at this rate, we do all need to be careful when traveling. 

Those who are vaccinated have a lot of options and a lot of peace of mind as they ready for a summer road trip. Whether you’re headed out to reconnect with family you haven’t seen since all of this began or venturing to totally new places to explore, it’s important that your vehicle is ready. 

Get Your Oil and Oil Filter Changed. It’s not just the added demands of summer heat that make this a big deal. The long winter and cold weather are especially tough on your engine, especially if you only drive short trips most of the time. This year, that was the case for all of us only leaving the house to grab groceries. Make sure your oil is changed and you also replace your filter. In most cases, your filter should be changed at least once a year, although it could need replacing more often based on how many miles you drive. 

Check Your Tire Pressure. Big swings in air temperature, hitting big potholes, and general wear and tear can gradually lower your tire pressure below the recommended amounts. That can lead to increased treadwear, shortening the life of your tires, as well as reducing fuel efficiency. Both are a lot more expensive than just checking your tire pressure and adding a few psi of air! Even if your vehicle offers electronic tire pressure indicators, it can be worth double-checking; those sensors can be wrong. 

Test Your Battery. There’s nothing more annoying than a dead battery. We recommend checking your battery every spring and fall to make sure it’s at full charge ahead of summer and winter travel. Even if your battery survived the cold weather or winter, it may not be holding a charge at full capacity. A quick check can help you ensure your battery is working as it should and rule out any issues that might arise if you have trouble with your ignition while you’re traveling. 

Summer is a great time to take a road trip or make a day trip in your area to experience new things. Especially after the past year, we all need something exciting and fun to do! Call Garfield Auto Service to schedule an appointment today!

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