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Oil Changes: The Best Investment You Can Make

July 2, 2019, 12:00 am

At Garfield Auto Service Center, we’ve seen it all. Over the past twenty-five years, cars of every style, manufacturer, and condition have rolled into the service bays. Behind the wheels of those vehicles are drivers just as diverse, from motorheads to single moms who want to get in, get their car fixed, and get back on the road. One of the most common sights, however, is a car that’s thousands of miles overdue for an oil change. 

If you were to ask us what the number one thing we recommend our customers do, it’s stick to a regular six-month oil change schedule. These service appointments are the very best investments you can make in the overall performance and longevity in your car, van, or truck. There’s a lot more to motor oil than many people think, and one you might not expect: opportunity. 

First off, the numbers don’t lie. Industry experts estimate that as many as 22% of cars on the road are overdue, running on dirty or low oil levels. The average annual costs of two oil changes is just $120, compared to an average engine repair or replacement of $4,000. That’s a hefty price tag for something that’s completely avoidable with regular service. And that oil change does a lot for your engine. Oil provides lubrication on parts that move thousands of times per second. Oil also helps cool engine parts, which can contribute to engine performance and longevity. Removing damaging dirt particles, especially in dry and sandy summer or cold and salty winter, helps to improve the lifespan of your vehicle as well. 

There’s a monetary advantage in every oil change, too. Clean oil can help your engine use gasoline more efficiently, with most estimates putting a 1-2% improvement as compared to dirty oil. While that 1-2% may not sound like much when you look at a single tank of gas, think about a whole year’s worth, or over the course of your engine’s full lifespan! 

Regular oil changes also give you more opportunities to identify repairs before they become too costly. We’re able to look at a number of high-wear parts and help you make plans and decisions when it comes to caring for your vehicle. We can help you prepare to replace brakes, service shocks and struts, and make the repairs sooner rather than later. We’ve been able to spot unsafe or even dangerously corroded parts for our customers, helping them to keep themselves, their families, and other road users safe. 

Oil Change Notes

- Manufacturers recommend oil changes every six months
- Most oil changes take less than twenty minutes
- Appointments make your service quick and hassle-free

Take the guesswork out of your car maintenance and book your appointment with Garfield Auto Service. We’ll have you in, out, and back onto the road of life in no time. 

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