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Lamborghini Is Almost Out Of Cars

June 16, 2021, 12:00 am

File this one under “The Pandemic Must Be Over”. As the world slowly lifts its head from over a year of anxiety and stress, Lamborghini is almost completely out of cars. 

Let’s be clear. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. With roughly 4% of the world’s population vaccinated and a number of variants causing concern in certain parts of the globe, there is still plenty to worry about. Many developing nations haven’t had anything like the access to vaccines they need and will be years before we’ve put the pandemic fully in the rearview mirror. 

In developed countries, however, there’s a growing sense of optimism. In the US, June saw many states roll back what few lockdown measures and restrictions remained in place. California, the most populated state in the country and formerly a hot spot, ended all COVID-19 restrictions in mid-June. There are plenty of signs that things are looking up and if luxury car sales are any indications, they’re looking up fast. 

Maybe it’s because so many people spent so long at home, but Lamborghini sales have been through the roof. 2020 was the company’s second-best year ever, according to a statement, and it looks as though 2021 is on pace to be just as good. That success comes in spite of a two-month shutdown in production. 

The announcement came at the Milano Monza Autoshow, itself a sign that Italy and Europe are getting back to normal. The show featured luxury and exotic cars from Italian manufacturers like Ferrari and Maserati, as well as supercars from McLaren and Mercedes-Benz. 

That cash flow may come in handy as Lamborghini looks to invest $1.8 billion in developing hybrid technology to bring an electric hybrid to market and, eventually, phase out all fossil fuel models.  


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