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Is It Safe To Travel For The Holidays This Year?

October 29, 2020, 12:00 am

With the holidays fast approaching, millions of Americans are questioning their annual travel plans. Is it safe to bring the family together this year?

Many of us make at least a few trips in November and December to visit friends and family. As the pandemic has done all year, it’s changing what we do for the holidays. Experts have offered some guidelines about who can travel for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, what precautions they should take, and who should probably stay home. 

The CDC has already announced its findings, which confirm that travel of any kind increases the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. Exposing yourself to new people and new communities, especially those which may have a higher degree of community spread, can have a big impact on the overall direction of the pandemic. There have been well-documented incidents where get-togethers like weddings, graduation parties, and funerals have created large clusters that have caused wider outbreaks and deaths. 

For drivers, the risks of travel are much less pronounced than by other means of transportation like flying, buses, or train. Still, stopping for gas or to use public restrooms do expose motorists to possible airborne and surface transmission. No matter where you travel, drivers should wear a mask whenever they’re out of their vehicle and where social distancing is not possible. It’s also important to think about who gets a ride. This is not a good year to carpool with people from outside of your immediate household, with the close confines of a car making transmission extremely likely. 

The real risk for drivers isn’t the travel, but the destination. Sitting indoors with family members who may be asymptomatic but still contagious is a prime setting for transmission. If your family gathering is entirely or even mostly indoors, that length of stay makes contracting the virus more and more likely with every person through the door and every minute of your stay. 

Those with at-risk family members including the elderly or those with underlying health conditions should not travel this year. If you do feel the need to get together, it’s worth asking family members to limit their exposure in the days and weeks leading up to the holiday, and to consider getting a COVID-19 test a week or so before the dinner, provided they can essentially quarantine between taking the test and attending the family gathering. 

Americans are born to hit the road, and while normally a road trip to see friends and family would be a treat, this may be the year to stay at home and discover new traditions.


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