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Is It Safe To Carpool?

July 22, 2020, 12:00 am

Is it safe to hitch a ride with a friend during the pandemic? We find out. 

With many activities slowly and cautiously restarting, more people are getting around town that in previous months. From sports to meetings, plenty of families have found themselves splitting rides, picking up friends, and slowly expanding how many people they’re in contact with. After months of warning about being in enclosed spaces, is riding in the car safe?

First, it really makes a difference who you’re riding with. Calling shotgun with a family member or someone from your household isn’t an added risk. Since you already share close quarters with them, you’re almost certainly already exposed to them. However, just about anyone else hopping in the car increases your chance of contracting COVID-19. 

Especially with the windows down, it’s very likely you’ll be in contact with their breath particles. Rolling the windows might add some safety, but so far, experts can’t find much evidence that it helps. Of course, the more people you pack into the car, the more your risk factor increases. In fact, it may even increase exponentially. Each person introduces you not just to their aerosols and pathogens, but all of the people they’ve been in contact with. 

That’s a big reason why many public transportation organizations are enforcing social distancing measures by taping off seats and requiring all passengers to wear masks. Many locations facing rising coronavirus cases have even limited service to essential travel only to reduce the risk of spreading illness. 

For now, the best plan is to avoid travel with those from outside of your home. With school coming back soon and more adults going back to the office, it’s smart to avoid carpooling completely, even if you’re prepared to take measures like masks and sanitizing door handles, seat belts, and steering wheels.

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