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Ford vs. Tesla For EV Domination

January 15, 2021, 12:00 am

When people think of electric cars, they tend to think of Tesla. With how dominant its been in the media, on the stock market, and on the streets, you have to give them credit for that. 

But it may not last long. 

That’s because some of the bigger automakers have finally revved up designs, technologies, and some enthusiasm around their latest offerings. One of the most likely challenges to Tesla’s dominance is Ford, a company that’s been more agile than some of its other domestic competitors, and certainly more aggressive in getting ahead of the curve. 

For Ford, it’s more than a nice market. While their F-150 and truck lineup has led the industry for years, its sedans and crossovers have been called tired and uninspired for over a decade. The company hasn’t had a smash-hit car since the Focus, and even its most exciting relaunch, the Bronco, failed to sustain the lasting, pervasive interest it had initially garnered. That’s hurt Ford when it comes to investment, too; it’s currently valued at less than half of General Motors on the stock market. 

They’re hoping to fix that with the Mach E, an EV that wears a Mustang badge but is shaped and styled more like a crossover or SUV. That certainly is the most successful vehicle category in the US and puts the Mach E ahead of several competitors who also have plans to release similarly-styled EVs in the coming months. 

By the numbers, the Mach E matches the 250-mile range of its Tesla Model Y rival and comes in at the same price point at $43,000 compared to the Model Y’s $42,000 price tag. A standing federal tax credit of up to $7,000 applies to Ford and not Tesla, however, which may influence plenty of buyers to go with the Blue Oval. 

Still, Ford and other automakers have a long way to go to catch up with Tesla in the US. According to experts, Tesla sold approximately 200,000 electric vehicles in 2020, more than all of its domestic competitors combined. Ford is off to a strong start, selling all of its 50,000 Mach E’s by pre-order. 

What factors dictate your next car purchase, and are you considering an EV?


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