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Five Signs It's Time To Schedule Automotive Maintenance

February 3, 2020, 12:00 am

Great cars just keep running. That is, of course, until they don’t. Car maintenance might not be on the top of your to-do list until it becomes a necessity or emergency. Aside from making scheduled appointments with Garfield Auto Service Center, there are a couple of things to take the disaster out of learning your car needs some love. 

The best inconvenience is one you can plan for. If you can’t make time for our normal same-day repairs and maintenance, then you’re going to want to keep your eyes and ears peeled for warning signs that might make it clear your car needs care. We’ve put together a really basic list that might help you identify issues before they cause a breakdown or contribute to long-term damage to your engine. 

Flashing Lights. Nothing causes anxiety like your engine light flashing on. All of those dash warning lights are really doing you a favor! Don’t sweat them, do something about them. These are excellent diagnostics indicators that can help your technicians quickly identify and fix an issue before it ruins your day. 

Lots of Gas...Stops. Fuel efficiency is another indicator of changes in your engine’s performance. If you notice a dramatic change in miles per gallon, get it in. This could indicate anything from slowly leaking tires to a CPU that’s triggered your car into limp mode. 

Good Vibrations Are Actually Bad. If you’ve noticed your steering column shaking or vibrating, it could be a serious issue linked to anything from brakes to wheel alignment. 

Stalling, Slow Acceleration, or Poor Performance. If your car stalls or idles roughly at a stoplight, it’s another sure sign something is up. Additionally, noticing a lag or delay in acceleration is another indicator your engine may need some attention. 

New Noises. A good portion of the people who come in describe noises, clunks, or thuds as the final straw of getting their vehicle looked up. Got a knock when you turn? A noise when your car shifts? Squeaks when you start it up? Some may be seasonal, but more often than not, those new noises are the first sign of car trouble ahead. 

Once you’ve fixed your car up, work with a shop you trust to schedule a tune-up. Most service centers recommend considering a tune-up or inspection every 25,000 miles. An inspection doesn’t mean you’ll need to make expensive repairs. In fact, setting aside that kind of time can help you avoid costly issues through prevention. Regular service will also improve the overall life and performance of your car, improve your fuel efficiency, and keep you and your family safe on the road.

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