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Driving Safely On Halloween

October 15, 2019, 12:00 am

It’s Halloween Week! There are few things quite as fun as heading out with your ghouls and goblins for a night of mischief and candy. As enjoyable as the evening is, we all have to take a few precautions to make sure everyone stays safe. That means a lot more than just inspecting your child’s candy. As drivers, we need to take extra measures to keep the trick or treaters safe. 

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean we aren’t on the go. From parties to work to targeting the very best neighborhoods for candy, plenty of Americans will hop in the car on Thursday evening. When you’re out on the streets, it’s smart to keep a few tips in mind to make sure we all make it home to eat our candy. 

Slow Down. This one is obvious, but we don’t mean just to avoid speeding. Especially in residential areas, go below the speed limit. This is extra important where obstacles like parked cars, leaf piles, or even yard decorations might restrict your field of vision. Don’t count on sugared-up kids to use intersections, or to look both ways before crossing the street. 

Avoid Distractions. The lights, the decorations, the scurrying kids in costumes...there’s enough to capture your attention without added stimulation from the radio, your phones, or other devices. More than ever, Halloween is a night to put your phone down and keep your eyes focused on the road. It’s especially important to reduce the amount of glare inside the cabin of your vehicle, so ask your passengers to turn their screens down, too. 

Don’t Pass. If the car ahead of you is stopped, don’t try to sneak by. It’s likely they either stopped to let kids cross the street or might be about to unload some trick or treaters of their own. Be patient and wait for them to get going again. 

Re-route. If your travels take you through neighborhoods or through residential areas, consider taking a slightly longer way to avoid Halloween hot spots. Not only does this reduce the total amount of traffic, it also makes the night more enjoyable for everyone. Plus, since you won’t have to drive as slow, your long way home might actually be a bit faster! 

Whether you’re traveling, walking, or staying home to hand out candy, we hope you have a safe, enjoyable, and happy Halloween!


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