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2021 Automotive Trends

January 5, 2021, 12:00 am

After a tumultuous year, 2021 is looking bright for auto manufactures and car buyers, too. As we ease into the new year, we’re taking a look ahead at some trends to watch for in the automotive industry. 

If you’re in the market for a new car, or at least a car that’s new to you, you’re not alone. In spite of the national rise in working from home, individuals and families still need to get around. Combine that with a number of factors and the car is back! 

Cars are more popular than they’ve been in several years. With many still worried about using mass transit during the pandemic, more and more are looking at the car as a safe way to travel. Car ownership and interest in owning a car have been on the decline for slightly more than a decade, right in line with the Great Recession and its fallout in 2008-09, but new concerns are changing the pattern. 93% of car owners say they’ve used their car more in the past several months, while 20% of people who don’t own a car are now in the market. 

Those shoppers are getting good deals, too. National inventory is still behind schedule due to supply chain issues and work stoppages caused by COVID-19, but that has simply changed how consumers save. Dealers have been getting creative with terms and incentives, and they’re using the internet to find them. Searches focus on financing and smart buys in the automotive industry have are up 9x their levels in 2019, a sign that consumers are using online resources to shop smart. 

That digital experience goes beyond deals. Many consumers have heightened expectations in online content, and that’s pushed both brands and dealerships to offer more videos, better content, and more interactive ways to shop from home. Platforms like YouTube and car review websites have boomed as shoppers rely on consumer content, too, trusting experts to test and pick apart their potential new ride. There’s also been a push to provide virtual test drives, reducing the risk of sitting in close quarters with a salesperson or having to travel to get behind the wheel. 

Finally, the entire sales process is getting faster. 18% of car shoppers say they would buy a car sooner if the process was quicker. That could mean more direct-to-consumer sales, with manufacturers bypassing dealers altogether by offering sales online, handling loans, titles, and registration, and even delivering cars themselves, either in-house or through contractors. It’s model Tesla has pioneered, albeit at a tiny fraction of the car sales volume experienced by much larger brands. 

What does 2021 have in store for you and your car? When it comes to repairs or getting a pair of expert eyes on a used car you’re checking out, stop by Garfield Auto Service for friendly, old-fashioned service you can trust!

Posted by Garfield Auto at 12:00 am
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