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2019 Automotive Sales: A Look At The Best-Selling Models

October 19, 2019, 12:00 am

There are a lot of interesting trends in the automotive industry right now. To many, things look unpredictable, turbulent, even a bit alarming. From a month-long strike between UAW and GM to plunging sales, there’s a bit of a gloomy feel for manufacturers. So how has 2019 treated brands like Honda, Ford, and Toyota? Let’s take a look. 

Third-quarter sales figures are in, and while overall sales are down from last year, there are signs of life in some high-performing individual models. For Toyota, the RAV4 saw sales increase to 324,000, making it the most popular vehicle in the United States that isn’t a truck. Honda’s hatchback Civic also saw more models move in 2019 when compared to 2018, only 30,000 units behind Honda’s best-selling CRV, which saw over 280,000 cars hit the highway. If there’s a trend, it’s that these midsize crossovers have found a huge following. 

Trucks are still the most popular selling in the States, but even the vaunted Ford F-Series has hit a slump. It remains the top seller, but is down nearly 3% this year, with over 650,000 trucks sold of Ford’s 1.8 million in total. 

The truck market seems to be shifting, too. For the first time ever, Dodge’s Ram outsold a perennial powerhouse, the Chevy Silverado. But at 461,000, Dodge has a long way to go before it sees itself truly competing with Ford in the most lucrative segment of the market. 

Experts credit a number of factors for keeping trucks and midsized cars performing so well. The combination of low fuel prices and more efficient fuel efficiency means that owning and operating a larger vehicle is viable for more families. Instead of a sedan, this allows households to invest in something that offers features like all-wheel drive, considerable storage, and more seating. 

Brands like Hyundai lost nearly 10% from the second to the third quarter, with similar performances from Nissan and Subaru. Even with encouraging numbers from GM and the Big Three, experts expect to see reduced production and smaller workforces as the inevitable future for manufacturers over the next five years. 

For more on the automotive industry, follow the always-insightful Car and Driver.

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