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100 Deadliest Days of Summer

June 2, 2020, 12:00 am

For teenage drivers, it’s the most dangerous time on the road. Starting with Memorial Day weekend, car accidents, and fatalities for teens on the road spike. Now is the time to educate your young river to stay safe! 

School is out, the days are long, and teens have more free time with their friends. It’s a recipe for fun, but those same variables also increase the chance of automotive crashes. The difference is bigger than you might guess. 260 teens die per month during summer, a 26% increase over the other nine months of the year. 

Teen drivers face the same factors in crashes as adults. Drunk driving, speeding, and distractions are the most common causes of teen auto accidents and see an increase during the summer months from late-May into Labor Day. 

Talking with your young drivers is the best way to engage and educate them on the safest ways to use the road. Especially now, distracted driving is a chief concern. It’s not just cell phones, either. While cell phone use is while operating a motor vehicle is illegal in some states, many have hands-free laws or no regulations. Even where those laws are in place, they’re exceedingly hard to enforce. But it’s often having one or more passengers in the vehicle that cause additional loss of focus and poor decision making in young drivers. 

You can communicate with your teen to ensure they understand just how dangerous distracted driving can be. You may also choose to implement rules for your driver such as curfews, limiting how many passengers they can have or who those passengers might be, or by using driver-monitoring apps to make sure they aren’t speeding. 

Parents have a big role in creating safe, responsible drivers, and during the summer months, that needs to be a top priority.

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